Magic happens when you let go

Magic happens when you let go.
You’ll see the flow of the world when you close your eyes
let it roll and let in it, make it whole and let it spin.
We’ll be undefeatable if we stay – lifespan – curious
We’re unbeatable if we stop being so damn serious
We’re immortal if we’re cordial and honesty was conceded
No eyes needed for those who see
We’re invulnerable if we dare to be.

Admirer of the wire, of the fire of your heart
Bitter’s getting milder and glitter’s getting wilder
nightmares getting brighter and fairytales a lil righter
A dozen shooting stars nightly if you’re off course slighty
Fears and foes lose their force and their swords that cut into….
so drop your gear and close your eyes and you’ll start seeing
Foundation’s unshakable if we, dear, if we stay true.
Eternity’s attainable for those who dont stop dreaming.

Arts of the hearts, of the inner sparkles of the glimmer
of the wonders, of those marbles – of the world and inside of me and you.
Sour’s getting sweeter and hours getting fleeter
horrors getting honeyd, getting neater – sorrows getting sound and grounded.
A dozen rainbows followed if your mind’s not narrowed.
Foundation’s unbreakable if we, dear, if we stay true.
Demons and dust turn into diamons and trust
for those who don’t stop daring and those who keep on dreaming.

Await and wish for faith – fear is faithfully the sympathizer of the razor,
of those sharp thoughts and cutting – quietly shaming by material morality,
finally society’s sobriety’s a glacier for the daring, for the caring,
so cold for the braver -so freezing for the bold –
and a tranqualizer for the ever spinning and a fertilizer for the never winning
no need for values compromising for secret gardens get to be unfurled.
Magic happens when you let go and you’ll see beyond the horizon
a dozen moons and suns arising for those who dare synchronising.

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