The Split of a Second

This split of a second to keep…
to preserve the color of your glimmer
is like freezing the flow of a river
or like holding onto the wind when it touches your skin
like one drop in the ocean – assembling so deep to the sea
It’s never the same and it never has been
It’s always untamed and it always will be.

Like a ray of sun in the orange morning
warming and fading on the side of the shore –
gliding away and I run………and sung a homage to dawning.
Every time we drift apart, splitting in the flow of the day
what has been comes to an end, a pit or a diamond
spikes, teasing the shadows of the rising dark
when its growth resembles a shimmer of silver…
What will come noone can tell but the bow of now.

All’s well that ends well
But how will I know, how can I tell
what’s done, what’s to be let go, what’s needless, hopeless, loveless
what now should better be a memory?

Soberly embracing the dark – the uncatchable – and endeavor
in my well established weary wisdom of knowing nothing…
those leaves know when to let go – and waves crushing –
off their tree and onto the beach…
while this split of this very second is changing its color …


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