What, my love, hast thou forthgone
in the black and misty shades of dawn
Where, my love, hast thou forlorn
my heart, my neck, my sunny morn?

Oh, so many, many miles to go
and ever since mankind does know
where west, where south, where east, where north
he wandered, turned and chose henceforth.

With every step and every stone
choices made, well wisely or unbeknown
lift one foot and then the other
hardly grounded , prone to hover.

Where, my love, hast thou forthgone
chances fade, precisely weighed or vague
lift my hood and then my lover
see my shadows all displayed.

Oh, so free, so youthful every choice
with every sunrise, every black and misty dawn
footsteps fade but lines that life has drawn
persist – are sometimes hard to poise.

What, I ask the shades of rain,
is my unit, and the toehold for my scale
Whats worth fighting though’s prone to fail
in blow or on the edge of blades in vain.

Oh, so many, many turns to make
and ever since mankind did wake
from cloudy nights or gleamy days
empowered to persist or give away.

Where, my wit, hast thou forthgone
in this very matter, in this affair?
Lift my spirit, left my breath
I can’t choose or change the depth of care.

Where, my will, hast thou forthgone
in this soothing silence, in this noise?
Shift my spirit, drift my doubts
ground my soul and ground my voice.

What, I ask the wraith of rain,
is my will, my dream, my aim ?
Whats worth here and what is not
thou better know, there’s just one shot.

What, I ask the waters’ comfort,
is created , unrelated and not to be explored ?
The matter of my bouyancy – in short
is not matter, but love and loyalty.

Where, my heart, hast thou forlorn
thy song, thy beat, thy sense, thy soil ?
Lost my feet floating flushed by thy meth
‘t can’t but love thee, hence thy very coil.

Where, I ask the stormy sea
should my needle pointing at ?
Whilst just one …splits the cloudy ceiling
Romeo and Juliet – and their very feeling.

Who, my heart, I ask in pain
wast just met for the bare’n simple sake
of encounter but never to remain
-as blood heat rain drowns my lake.

Who, my love, hast thou forlorn
turned and hath chosen to forget – or even hate
lift my hood and then my lover
see my beating choices all displayed.


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