Does Silence say enough?

Hey Love, can you tell me if silence sais enough?
Cause there’s no dictionary and no language-
a word for you’d still have to be established
cause it’d be visionary and so timeless
to fill the space you create, I confess.

In the luminous light of your presence- it’s enough
to make me fall silent and to feel small
standing close to your wholehearted charm -unspoken-
Your soberness spares me merciless
your courteousness cracks me wide open.

The cold of your sobriety warms enough
your fire’s easily able to burn me –
and when I fall silent and say nothing at all
crinkling my nose – to your ambivalent amusement-
It’s cause I could use a million words, I guess,
that wouldn’t come close to how I’d wish
to express – cause it lacks all….. you’re too precious.


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