Two dragonflies drawn to a field
bestrewn with dozens of daffodils
its sweetness effused into the weald
its beauty for admirers unconcealed
unfolded far over mounts and hills.

Each hailed from houses real afar
and departed in the bloom of june
to learn about things, lovely and bizarre
their connectivity and who they are –
undaunted they left their cocoon.

Both they thrived for more than ambrosia
guided by boundless winds and open minds,
Seeking for enigmas and their disclosure
just as their own murk and composure,
for fantasy and magic of all kinds.

Uncertain of their fortune and their fate,
knowing their dare was in the air
they spread their wings and left alate.
Attracted by the floral scent, nor early nor too late,
approaching each other and the blossom with care.

Against odds and gravity, they left and flew
and found in harmony one daffodil in morning dew.
Was it certainly the charm of the blossom?
What these two found in a field a long time ago
was amazing, pure and colossal,
fantastic, intimidating and awesome.
These two united ever since, found magic and its afterglow.


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