El Elefante Encadedano

Like ‘El Elefante Encadedano’
that never dared to tear and go
chained and bound to the same picket
Thinking of its strength to be so midget.

From the day he could remember
his foot was tethered to the shackle
once he tried but did surrender
bowed by the sound of metal’s rattle.

Years had passed and he had grown
his chain remained ridiciously fragile
He considered himself to be much weaker
though the pole had not been pushed any deeper,

But when he pushed and pulled and tried
to free himself of chains so tight
he was so small – this young and tender elefant
facing these as an insuperable impediment.

Those chains- fastening, imprisoning metal
stayed as cold and as lifeless as they were…
but the little elefant did grow but tried no more-
he resigned he could not win this battle.

Intimitated – he chose to be overmodest
‘no puedo no puedo y nunca podré’
But if he tried he’d be astonished.
And now I’ll try to be honest:

Please give me strength to dare and be
forgive if I stumble in this rumble
cause I never felt metal around my ankle nor my skin
and I never was enchained, I’ve never been…

like this little elefant
never bound to stay but pushed to go
never sound and safe but rather asked to show
how and where to turn, as if I’d know?

There’s never been a picket, no trunk
next to me deeply in the ground and sunk,
No chain, no wire and no thread
around my ankle and not around my head.

The little elefant considered him to be weak
and so I feel in these words as I do speak
cause I know about my ability to be ‘strong’
and to admit when I was wrong

But instead of forgetting about my potency
I’m not complaining to be free to cross the open sea
but it’s so …?….to play safe in what I seek
its way more powerful daring to be weak.

Would you please be patient and give me
the fortitude and bravery and honesty
to let you see what moves my heart
and even if I seriously fail, forgive me.

Cause I’ve been ‘strong’ for way too long
it’ll take some soft and gentle care and touch
But I hope you’ll hold my hand, cause I love you….
so deeply, so forcefully, so much.