Sometimes we need a reminder
of our minuteness in the universe
to be more loving and to be kinder
we can’t blame destiny to be adverse
or a sequence of “bad lucks”
or the cause to be a curse
sometimes things work out
and sometimes life sucks.
Blaming, shaming,
Problem thinking makes things worse.
It’s way more effective
to put things in perspective.

The world keeps on turning
and it keeps on spinning
while we keep on learning
while we keep on sinning.
The earth and the moon
both keep going ’round the sun,
it ain’t being blunt
to say you’re not any more important
than anyone.

Problem thinking makes things worse
it’s not destiny to be adverse
Problems are circumstances
that require solutions
they are given chances
and spirits don’t have epiphysial fusions,
Keep learning, yearning,
growing, flowing.

Nobody said it’d be logical
Mountains are valleys that need climbing
You can master any obstacle
but life doesn’t wait for perfect timing.
You can lose track when roads are winding
you can be fooled by beauty blinding.
Don’t call it bad luck nor fate
you will never ever be finding
love when your heart’s filled with hate.

See what you’ve got, not the lack
Ants are giants for a flea
Elefants tiny for a humpback.
Blaming, Shaming,
Problem thinking makes things worse
Stop complaining
and wrest yourself free.

A forgotten birthday cake’s just baked dough
A forgotten annual anniversary
a day before and day precursory
of many, many days in a row.
A lost marriage ring’s just forged metal.
One forgets too easy one thing:
we’re all so damn small.
A whole in the wall
the new home for a brick.
All the nonsense, all the grumble,
and all the fuss’s making me sick.

We’re all made of bones and flesh
we all hope and yearn for love
we all wish to feel comfortable
we all are a searching soul
we all are vulnerable
we all yearn for love
and strive to grow whole.

In the end nobody will ask
what you’ve got
nor care about what you’ve done
not a little not a lot.
In the end there’ll be nobody
just you all alone
you live unimportantly,
and die alone.
They won’t cry for you
only for themselves.
They won’t cry for your loss
but theirs and not because
you’re ashes and your bones are rotten.
You’ll be lost and you’ll be forgotten.
Not for the hearts that loved you.
Not for the heart that loves you.


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