When the sun comes up
Coloring the horizon like orange juice …
You can breathe in fresh air and let it sluice…
You are free to escape
Whilst staying or leaving without compunction
By choosing one or the other path of a road junction.
Raindrops dripping on the sparkling surface
Raindrops slipping on your cheak for solace
While the sound is flooding your ears,
Prickling alive like sherbet, fresh, forget about fears …
The booming of the sea, the smell of salt
Practice flowing while living without halt.

Free like the fish in the sea,
Hungry like a shark for energy
finding it – coming and going – in waves…
Searching for love and for the wildest storms
Frightening and fascinating like hippo horns,
The whisper of the wind and the ocean’s flow
teaching to catch it and then letting it go…
Don’t let fear or reluctance make you a slave
Move on and remain flowing
Don’t stop, Keep going….

What is always, never, normal?
What is right, good, best?
You will never know
Can you messure or compare
What you can and could do, what you dare?
Who dares wins, what would you like to win? What do you dare?

Allow yourself to enjoy the moment
Or they that accumulate to your so called life
Will just fly by and you won’t thrive
Every time you look back you’ll have forgotten
To cherish bantam delights, you will feel rotten.

Walking my way unprejudiced and barefoot
Toes touching the sun warmed up stones, no pressure –
Soft sand, sharp shells, empty in all likelihood
Holding only the hand of my leisure.

The only leash I will accept
is dangling loosely in liquids
While I’m walking on water
above deep down hidden squids.
Even if one day I should be dancing on air
I’d dive into those memories – and remain fair.

The boat was sinking
and faith was shrinking
Hope was gone and love was lost
ears drowned in doubt, eyes obscured in dust.
Pure torpidity ruled clarity
Bitterness overwhelmed hilarity…
loyal and faithful fear dominated trust
stuck in a circle of an out-of-balanced spinner
but changes made – and hope start to glimmer …
when you open your eyes and let light in
you can see miracles, keep up your chin.

Finished 9th of April 2013


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