May I hijack thy humble heart?

Can I kidnap the fine fellow
that is called by thy name?
May I hijack the humble heart
that’s infatuated by my flame?

Can you catch the whispers of my eyes
that – with every gaze – dig deeper and shout louder…
fall sweeter – a bewitched keeper who calls…
Just dedicate yourself for half an hour
cause – see how time flies and life dies
with every junction and every encounter…
day by day in every dark and every golden hour –
how soft turns into dust and sweet into sour –
flickering, fleet and fading, dimming, dying –
is out of our – not within our power.
But in the heat of your cunning humble heart
in the misty mystery of those stunning waterfalls
my vocals sound velvet and my voice grounds mellow…
but in the passion of and within my grasp
I’ll keep on fading and keep on humming
in the dim lit – shading mystery of those drumming waterfalls –
in the damp of our demons the sky might appear overcast….
we might break into smithereens –
or we might make it last…
while two humble hearts whispering
in this earthly drumming, humming together.