Hit by a truck

My father told me
when I was a kid
its always better
to come earlier than later,
Wanted to mold me
rather go ahead and lead,
my father taught me
how to use toilet paper
and to sit
when I shit
to look in the eyes when you greet
to deny when you’d greed
and not to cheat.

He consoled me,
told me it’s ok to fail,
but always stand up
He caught me
smoking weed
in the pub,
It’s no fun to go to jail.
My father taught me
it’s ok to fear the murk
how to use a fork
travel to New York
and to think before falling on my knee.

My father once told me
you’re growing up,
be smart and work hard!
And remember when I go up,
to do and give your best
do better than anybody else,
go hard and invest
once you’re older
and a bit bolder
you’ll enjoy your wealth.

That’s what his father told him too
Don’t work hard but harder
enough and more on top
go further never stop
while your value goes down the loo
obviously the same with your health
your smile and your whole you.

My father was hit by a truck
didn’t tell me nothing anymore,
been in hospital all year
eyes closed and mouth shut
lay there kind of dispossessed.
And oh dear,
we prepared him for his final rest.
Yesterday he woke up and said: FUCK
Just be smart and love hard!
I was wrong and I was blind,
share a dream with the one who’s
turning you into your best!
Be smart together and work hard,
search for the one of a kind
that walks beside you and stands behind.
Forget what I told you,
Don’t wait for your personal truck.
From now on
I’ll keep my heart open and mouth shut.
You’ve always been right
to cast doubt on –
Just believe in love and a little bit of luck.

But that night it was me who woke up
all safe and sound
and I was choked up.
My pillow had to soak up
quite a bit .
I didnt try to bridle it.
I needed a moment
till all my thoughts were yoked up
till I understood every component
and I knew whereupon
no truck around
my fathers bones all well
but his soul to sell
and his wife long gone
they uglily broke up
in the morning he said
today show them what you can
I’m so proud and your biggest fan!
And I wished he’d been hit by a truck
rather than selling his soul to hell.
And I’d rather live in a truck
than selling my soul
I’ll prove pluck
and lose control
rather be naked and sleep in muck
than playing along and be stuck.
My father always told me
but he’d never hold me
and he’d never listen
never follow my notion
never loved in devotion
never see stars glisten
and he’ll never understand
what I’m missing.


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