No other words for this than…
Home …oh sweet home
How beauty! no words ever can
describe …in this crumbling and foam,
suns have risen and suns have shone,
moons have glisten and moons have gone.
Oh how beauty! How home does feel
when you finally make it when your skin starts to peel….
all those bruises and burdens and wearing out worries
go to the heavens and no need for hurries…
breathe in the sound and soak in the salt
breathe in unbound and love with no halt.

Home … oh home, how sweet-
How home does feel
deep down – shivers from head to heel
upside down quivers while walking on air,
when you finally make it -when you’re finally there!
Stunned and stoked and tripping while dripping
from the salty-like something washing you clean
nothing is left when scars in your flesh are starting to heal.
All those scrapes and those scratches will finally fade,
dazzled and twinkling when it finally hatches-
A mind wide and wild in gratitude- ears free to listen-
nothing catches this magnificent magnitude – impossible to cloy
Nothing to keep than a memory of touch and this mood
with a heart geared with joy and eyes gleaming like jade .

Home … oh home how sweet
how stunning, how beauty, here under my feet!
How precious how spacious oh how does it feel
How glorious how curious- oh home so fair !
There’s nothing to hide and nothing to keep
a mysterious smile and salt on my cheek
laughing out loud and starting to weep
a little bit older and a little bit sore
of all those nights and nightmares asleep
when you finally make it when you’re finally there ,
quivers and shivers -inside and so deep.
winds of truth starting to weave into my core ….
Oh how home so sweet –
when dreams beaming – when they become real.