May I borrow your smile?

I’ve been wondering… can I borrow your smile?
It is not for long but just for a while…
I’d wear it all day and down to the pier
Down to the water and down to the shore
as the heat, and the light and the cheer start fading away…
Flooding my thoughts and into my core
and dripping and draining and dribbling down off my finger’s tips
I’d keep it all warm and just as it is, at night and into the dark…
where shadows waver into the mighty abyss, devouring and gloomy wall of black-
It’ll keep smiling and shining like a pile
full of sparkling shimmer and lightening glitter
and tomorrow before dawn you will get it all back
when I barefootedly tiptoe over the floors
and kiss it back onto your lips.
Cause if you borrow me this – strikingly shiningly breathtaking crescent
that is yours – just for the now – even just for a while…..
if you allow – your smile might possibly only grow bigger.
Although it is mortal and fleeter and might starts to flicker
still leaving me speachless – cause seeing you smile is freeing my being
and naturally making dates and berries just growing sweeter
as life’s a ferry and you in your glory and the now’s a present.

The thought’s been boring into my brain
standing and strolling – getting lost in the rain,
making me shiver as I was delightfully dancing here and there,
all on my own -somewhere- surrounded by trees and the wood…
The thought’s been beneath and remained under my hair
boring and buzzing and it kinda sticks…
I’ve been wondering and hovering from left to right
from troubled heel and onto the ball of my foot
up and down and onto my toe …
if you agree, if I possibly could, if I might… –
borrow your smile – even if it’s just for a while
and tomorrow
you’ll get it and have it all back with all its sweetness and all its spices
when – just before the sun rises – I’ll kiss it onto your lips.

Cause I’d like to ask…. may I borrow your smile?
Meanwhile I’ve been wondering nutty like a maniac
from dawn to dusk, in the heat and alone in the rain
in my shadows so dark at night in total eclipse –
if I possibly might, if I possibly could – drop my guards and drop my mask
when floods were drowning and flames lapse down the drain
if it’s daring to keep wondering if I may- if I could borrow your smile?
It won’t be for long but just for a while
and before you wake , before the sun’s rising in glory
I’ll be there in the morning – coming to tiptoe over the wood
and I will kiss it all back – whole onto your lips.


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