Mr. Found in a Bottle

Thy sight maketh me stumble ov’r mine own owneth feet.
Thy eyes maketh me submerge in smothering heat.
Thy voice maketh me stumble over mine own owneth words.
Thy embrace maketh me interfuse into an inner ceaseless fire.
Thy love maketh me lose mine owneth shielding wire.
Thy saying thee maketh me forget my verse and verbs.
Thy warmth maketh me hush my very own cords.

Hither and thither my thoughts do wander
wander hither and thither to the notion of you –
and the potion of you outside and – abide – running through,
I just knew – obscoulded in dew – you did bestrew
me with magics and your entchanted cure
unitedly grown my gore and will entirely eternaly endure.

yours is the perfume that maketh me pursue
Hither and thither how encounters bechance
barely by chance I agnized at first glance
the more and the closer – plenarily enhance
the fabolous fragrance that I fall for .

Sonorously beating of your spacious spin
Cordiality and curiosity inside of your
compounding , caring and comforting core.

Yearning and yawning for your gentleness
Thawing like crystals in my conciousness
conquers the passion with fiercly agression
a thrill beneath and under my skin.

Hither and thither the shiver comes hither
shatter and shaking all shaming and slither.
You specific maketh elicit a quiver – terrific –
tremble and tingle when you reach – gentle
when we unwind as we mingle
– and we writhe whither ?
A thrill soaking so monumental.


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