All those lines are simply too much
too full of I’s, too much fuss that cannot touch
the heat of my heart or the warmth of my worry
too many I’s and not enough you’s….I’m sorry.
Using I and my – it’s you that I have in mind
cause it’s more of myself in you that I find.

Like a mirrow in the shape of a diamond
not only are you breathtakingly beautiful but
also earthshaking disillusional
cause in you I see I can’t even count
all those angles and lines and edges
all so different and still of one kind.

Like a mirrow in the drape of darkness
not only are you thrillingly unpredictable
in some way but so enthralling and
also admittedly attractive – in all that needs light to be seen
and in all that does not know the concept of need nor light
nor diamond nor worry, all that needs and has no shape
in all that doesn’t need unity to balance or to harmonize –
it’s the reflection of mine that I see in your eyes
and it’s my core, and my light and my shadows
and every single particle of mine that just knows and that pledges…


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