The Solace of the Sea

In the face of solitude
surrounded by the solace of the sea
salted drops upon my cheek
molded and stopped the chaos and its peak.

Finally daring to openly speak …
With my heart beating in my throat
With my heart on my tongue and my hope in the sand
in this scenery that remembers me – once when I was young-
of my personal neverland.
With my heart in my veins and bravery in my bones
freed from its reins and I stop, throwing over board all this overload,
and they drown like stones.

In the silence of solitude
the voices in my head turn mute –
The demons of my dread diminish
My thurst for trust grows wild like the fish
and the baby turtle in the sea – growing older fearing less –
flying beneath my boat and we
start to understand what makes suns rise
What differs you from me,
with the beat on my tongue and hushed in wine-
What makes my heart rhythmic and what makes me rhyme…..


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