The Sound of Rain

The sound of rain and the smell of you
dulcifies even sugar cane when the twain of us
realize what we have found,
we went astray and – away from any avenue
in the maze of this life
in the sweat and in the face of this strive –
we drowned the pain, went through hell to get to
to arrive and to perceive what can’t be kept and can’t be caught
what souls as such can see but eyes cannot
what souls can touch but not eye – nor hand –
can detect, nor comprehend
the thing that we have found
only there to respire – only an aerially compound –
there to wire and foster carefully and bathe it sound.
The antidote that’ll drown me to death – possibly in the end-
the me and you – to float and get lost at sundown-
a transparent thing and a baffling blend
the sea and you are worth holding my breath.


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