This Dance

Here we go again, there’s rolling my head
down from the valley and up this hill
tremendously trembling while my feet standing still
I cant maintain – I’m loosing my thread-
loosing my balance but when I fall
hard gets soft and big gets small.

This dance is and only can be – a continuum
round and round – in the light of the moon.
I feel lucky and I am glad
for every tide and every word that’s said
and even more for everything that need none at all
for every hurdle and every brick in the wall.

This glance is and only can be- a miracle
lit by stars twinkling while the moon shines full.
I am lucky and I feel blessed
for every night and every beat on which I rest.

We’re all changing everyday and all the time –
one thing that fits today, tomorrow doesn’t rhyme.
But if this dance can be danced by two,
from one to the other moonlit noon
it’s clear in my head and in my chest
that the one I choose, as bechanced, is you.


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