Turn it upside down

Turn on the light far away from town
of all those things we have forgotten
those sunny rays and senses of the yesterday.
Turn it upside down and – far away from day –
see if it’ll stay on the bottom, on the ground
in the glass if we twist it upside down.

Let’s get lost in the woods where sun’s light darkens
Let’s get lost and see what brightens and what happens.
Go to the riverside widened and let us jump
and dump your doubts and dive in deep
Let’s jump and swim and dive
soak in and breathe and survive

Let’s see if we can make it to the other side.
Let’s stay awake and skip the sleep
Leave the windows open and lit a light
Let’s listen to jazz and metall and dance chive
Let’s turn it upside down and quit the never stopping frown.
Remember passion – and decide to forget about your pride –

Turn it upside down and let light in – daring and caring you’ll always win.
Close your eyes and close your mouth
forget what they told you about north and south
forget about fear and their shame and sing out loud.
Open your heart – Open your spirit and open your mind
Open, you’re honest- free and wild – wide and wider,

Turn it upside down, it won’t fall but rise higher-
those things, insights and those sunny rays
of former days – a forming maze – those of the yesterdays,
that we had forgotten- but now anew –
see what we have found-
endless spaces and true magic of all kind.


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