You might call me a homeless…

You might call me a homeless
but don’t call me a hopeless.
I might be hopelessly romantically dreaming
and get lost on my way
But I’ll keep on walking
and I’ll keep searching
for another morning
and another new day
I’ll keep pushing
and I’ll keep falling
I’ll stand up
if anything, that’s my calling.
I’ll keep wondering
and I’ll keep asking
I’ll never stop changing
And I’ll never start masking.

I’m on my way and maybe we meet
maybe we walk together
in sunshine or rainy weather
maybe we share
and maybe we dare
to keep on walking together
and share the same heart beat.

But maybe we split and we drift apart
or maybe we sit and drink
skins grown old but not in the heart.
Cause in the end
all money is spent
stories to tell
will safe us from hell.
Cause in the end
we’re all homeless
and hopeless
when the day is done
if we stop searching, asking, growing,
pushing, falling, standing up.

Call me a homeless
Call me a dreamer
No button for restart.
Dreaming and sharing
and I’m on my way
Sometimes mistaking but always winning
My dreams are mine and I won’t start trimming
A growing old spine but not in the heart
I’m not restless and not furious,
just passionately curious.
And I’ll keep on daring
Every new day.


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